Born in Bogotá Colombia in a musical family, Santiago Lozano started his musical education at a young age with piano and guitar lessons.

After obtaining his degree in composition form the Universidad de los Andes in Colombia he moved to Berlin where he studied musicology at the Humboldt Universität with profesors Hermann Danuser, Christian Kaden and Peter Wicke among others. He also continued his music composition education through private lessons with Mº Chico Mello and Helmut W. Erdmann from EULEC Fortbildungszentrum fur Neue Musik.  In the film scoring field he studied with Luis Bacalov at the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia in Rome. After completing this masters, he worked as an orchestrator for Bacalov. His PHD research at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid deals with the music in Glauber Rocha’s films.

Santiago Lozano centers his interest as a composer in the interaction of different art forms and the use of technology as an expressive instrument. Multimedia and Transmedia are the core of his research and creations. His compositions have been performed in a dozen countries.

He is a faculty member of the Music Department at Los Andes University focused in the fields of composition and film scoring. He’s also member of the directive board of the Colombian academy of motion pictures arts and sciences.



Selected Works and filmography:


  • Violeta opera modular (2017) Opera for voices and analog synts
  • Viento Privado (2016) electroacoustic
  • Prima c’era il mare (2015) modular performance
  • 5 miniaturas para piano (2006/2014) for piano solo
  • Yuisi (2015) modular performance
  • Desierto armónico (2014) electroacoustic
  • Incorporeo (2013) Opera for soloist, choir, live electronics and electroacoustic track
  • Sin título provisional (2009) interactive music for a dance piece by Aniara rodado
  • Songs for Silvia (2008) Album
  • Asco (2006) for a violin player, electroacoustic track and a T.V.
  • Der Prozess (2004) for soprano, live electronics and electroacoustic track
  • Responsorio (2001) electroacoustic



  • “Las tetas de mi madre” Dir. Carlos Zapata
  • “Violeta” Dir. Julián Castañeda
  • “Edificio Royal” Dir. Iván Wild
  • “Cecilia” Dir. Verónica Rodríguez
  • “Il tramonto delle favole” Dir. Carlo Fenu
  • “El hilo de Marina” Dir. Erwin Goggel
  • “Centravanti Nato” Dir. Gian Claudio Guiducci
  • “Nevedimka” Dir. Daniel Defranceschi
  • “Rampicante” Dir. Laura Guandalini
  • “Itinerario” Dir.Davide Boretaz
  • “A doppio filo” Dir.Matteo Oleotto
  • “Six feet over” Dir. Paola Randi
  • “Manichini” Dir. Marco Danieli
  • “Los que no volvieron” Dir. David Muñoz
  • “H” Dir. Nicolás Forero